In order to serve you and provide the best enjoyable shopping experience, please note the policy of coffee concept, exchange and return on the Internet :

in the event of dissatisfaction with the product or defective products within ( 2 ) day from the date of receiving your order you can return the product to the concept of coffee.

Exceptions :

  • Food, not exchangeable or refundable.
  • Accessories are not subject to refund or exchange unless there is an actual reason within ( 7 ) .
  • Coffee machines, subject to replacement if there is an actual reason within ( 7 ) days.
  • Any opened fund that is returned or exchanged is subject to the following discount :
    • Coffee machines discount rate ( 30% )
    • All other products .%10

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you should Contact us to request a return of the product before the expiration date of the refund and it is valid for ( 7 ) day from date of purchase .

In the event of a response as a result of a defect or manufacturing defect in the product, or damage upon delivery or delivery of a wrong product, the customer will not have to pay the fees imposed on the shipping. In the event that the customer responds for other reasons (for example, the customer wants to change the product or changes his opinion), the shipping fees will be on customer .

The product must be in its original packaging with all its accessories and user manual, we accept the return of scratched or damaged products as a result of misuse or malfunction due to the wrong voltage of electricity connection, in our discretion we may consider Returned product does not meet the above criteria .

product return method :

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  • If you receive your product from Aramex, you can use Aramex courier services.

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After we retrieve the unit, we will perform a replacement or retrieval inspection process and after examination by our technicians that the product is in compliance with the conditions of Packing and the presence of all its supplies.

the replaced product will be shipped / delivered following the response method and site selection. We will not replace a product with a different model unless the product is

the original is out of stock in such circumstances. We will ask for your approval before preparing it. .

in the event of a refund, the product will be charged at the prevailing product price after deducting any non-compliance fees. Refund settlement will be done once refund

the bank for money, which is the next billing cycle from the date of approval. The refund process takes until 14 working day.

in the event that the product is returned due to a defect in the product, a defect from the manufacturer, or as a result of damage during product delivery or due to delivery

Incorrect / wrong product, shipping service will not be charged extra.

In case of return for other reasons, (the customer needs to replace the product or the customer’s desire has changed in general) shipping fees will be calculated.

or bank transfer fees 29 (Layer) on customer

products that have been opened will not be replaced if they are not proven to have a manufacturing defect, noting that other products are Replaceable

is this:

anything that breaches or deviates from the terms of the warranty, such as

& nbsp;

. 1 Usage </ span>

. 2 Open is not in its natural state

. 3 Follow the operating instructions

. 4 The product is waterproof if it is not waterproof.

. 5 No external maintenance </ span .

the amendment process is possible if contacted with us before the order is delivered to the shipping company, and after the order is delivered to the shipping company. Shipping, adjustment is not possible. .

Fourth: Cancel the request:

caffedazero reserves the right to cancel the order in the following cases:

when paying through SADAD system .

rejection / denial of payment.

client overdue ) 2 (days

if the delivery address given by the customer is wrong or the contact information is wrong or the inability to reach To client .

– Customer order cancellation:

To continue with the order cancellation process, you must contact us first. You can cancel your order for any of the following reasons:

if the order has not been shipped, or if the order is not delivered at the time specified by us. span>

in the event that the cancellation takes place after shipping or sending the order, you will be charged an order cancellation fee. > equivalent 20 Percent of order value. .

We reserve the absolute right to match the time your order was shipped with the time you submitted the cancellation request. < / span>

If the payment was made by the customer using the “mada” card, the amount will be returned within two working days to the account. Card, whether the card payment is </ span>

credit the amount will be refunded no later than) 14 (working day. )

Fifth: Receipt:

You acknowledge that you know that shipment receipt may be delivered to you by shipping companies.

You acknowledge that you know that the shipping company begins the process of returning shipment to Jeddah after proceeding 5 days > on arriving without receiving it .

You acknowledge that you know that delivery takes place hand in hand when choosing to pay upon receipt and in the event that the shipment is not received You will be included in the blacklist

to order by receipt.

You acknowledge that you know that failure to respond to the shipping company’s contact causes the order to arrive delayed, and we are not responsible for Any delay may occur.

due to lack of response with the shipping company. .

Sixth: Compensation :

you will be compensated directly in the event of damage or loss to your order with the shipping company, provided that we communicate with us. In the event of a shipment </ span>

damaged within a maximum period of time 1 . day from the date the order was received .

If you receive a product different from the one you ordered, it will be replaced immediately provided that you contact us within a maximum period 2 a Yam from the date received

order .

If your order is incomplete, the missing product will be shipped to you immediately without any additional charges provided you contact us Within a maximum period of time

1 day from the date the order was received .

Seventh: The consequences of the customer due to non-receipt :