First: Privacy and confidentiality of information: puts the confidentiality and privacy of the information of its users and visitors a top priority, and the site management makes every effort to provide a high-quality service to all users and it is considered a policy Privacy and confidentiality of the information below is part of the terms and conditions for using the site.

This policy applies to all caffedazero programs and applications and applies to all customers, whether they are users of the site via the website link or users of mobile applications Any reference to a “website” or “website” means a reference to a caffedazero website, software and applications

Users should constantly review the privacy policy to see any updates made to it, noting that is not required to announce any updates that take place. According to these terms and principles, and your use of the website means that you are aware of and agree to these terms and the continuous amendments made to them.

Second: How obtains personal information from customers: < / strong> does not collect personal information about visiting users or surfers unless they specifically and knowingly choose to provide this information by creating an account on Site The creation of an account on the site is considered the user’s consent to be subject to these privacy provisions and terms of use.

Third: Personal Information Collected:

The following information is collected for the purpose of shipping and delivery of products: your name, address, email, mobile number.
In addition to the name of the bank and the name of the account holder from which the amount was transferred for the purpose of verifying receipt of the amount.

Fourth: How do we use the information :

We may use the data that we collect from you when you register on the website in the following ways:

  • To personalize your user experience and communicate the quality of content and product offerings that interest you.
  • In order to improve our website to provide you with a better service.
  • In order to provide a better service for you in case you encounter any problem and inquire by contacting customer service.
  • In order to quickly conduct your transactions.
  • To send messages about your purchases, or offers for you.

Fifth: Personal Information Security

  • To protect your data, strict measures have been taken to protect the security of information and the technology used to prevent fraud and unauthorized access to our systems.
  • You should know that once you create an account on the site, your data will be kept in this account until a request to delete it is requested by you by contacting us with a message from the e-mail registered on the site at the website link
  • Our employees are qualified and trained to respect the confidentiality of our customers’ personal information.
  • No information about our customers is ever sold to anyone.
  • All shipping companies we deal with are bound by a privacy policy that does not conflict with the site policy.
  • We do not store any numbers or information on your Visa card or bank account details.

Sixth: Do we use cookies:

Yes , browser logs are small files that a website or its service provider transfers to the hard disk of your computer via your internet browser (if you allow) that enables the website’s systems or its service provider to identify Your browser is collecting and storing certain information. For example, we use browser logs to help us remember and process the goods that you have added to your shopping cart, and they are also used to help us understand your preferences based on your current or past activities on the site, which enables us to provide you with an improved service. We also use browser logs to help us classify the data we have collected on website browsing traffic and interactions that occur on it so that we can offer you better site experience and tools in the future.
We use browser logs to:

  • Help remember and process merchandise added to your cart.
  • Understand and store user preferences for future visits.
  • Classify the data collected about your browsing traffic and interactions on the site in order to provide a better experience and tools in the future.

We may also use other trusted services to track this information on our behalf
You can choose to have your computer warn you each time tracking logs are sent, and you can opt out of receiving all types of these logs. You can do this via your browser settings.
If you turn off the feature of receiving browser logs, some features will be suspended, which will not affect the user experience that makes your visit to our site more efficient, and some of our services may not work well. But you can send us purchase orders.

Seventh: Contact us

If you have any comments or inquiries regarding the privacy policy, contact us at the website technical support mail [email protected]