Delonghi Didka is a coffee machine with all kinds of espresso, cappuccino and latte

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Main features

  • Wide range of modern coffee machines
  • Save space
  • Perfect for preparing the coffee you love
  • Share your coffee with others

  • Coffee machines

A wide range of coffee machines at your fingertips, international brands with high quality and strong performance, you can use it at home or work, prepare coffee for your friends and family effortlessly.

A distinctive flavor in every cup

Enjoy the rich and delicious taste of coffee in every cup you prepare, for more convenience, you can use ground coffee directly, including what you can use ready-made capsules, depending on the system of your coffee machine, you can choose the preferred type of coffee of all kinds and flavors.


  • Multiple designs and shapes

The coffee machines come with designs that meet all tastes, multiple shapes, and colors that match the decore of your kitchen or coffee corner and give it more elegance.


  • Water filter: Yes
  • Auto Shut-off: Yes
  • System pressure: 15 bar
  • Integrated Coffee Grinder: No.
  • Dishwasher safety: No.
  • made in: China
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Light Standby: Yes
  • Capacity: Liter: 1.1
  • Number of programs: 3


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