Flair NEO Manual Espresso Maker – No Barriers and No Plugs

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  • Fully manual home espresso maker – Neo is a fully manual espresso machine that features hand lever pressure. No electricity or coffee boxes needed to prepare delicious espresso at home with this manual espresso maker.
  • Simply add fresh coffee beans, lower the lever on the espresso press machine, and see the beautiful espresso in your cup.
  • Add 60ml of boiling water and an amount of up to 18g to produce a volume of 40ml with a beautiful cream.
  • Flow Control Coffee Filter – Neo features a portable flow control filter from Flair Espresso, making homemade espresso preparation simple and easy.
  • The controlled filter limits the flow of water through the coffee grounds to ensure consistently good extraction and creaminess in every cup of espresso.
  • Add freshly ground coffee beans to the filter and heat up your brewing cylinder. Prepare your brew head by adding boiling water and then lowering the lever.


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