Caffitaly Capsules compatible with Nespresso devices (India) 10/10 concentration

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  • Coffee is one of the favorite drinks for most people, and it is a granule of strong coffee in addition to some chocolate and spices that give it a distinctive taste that is great.

Features of capsules compatible with (India) 10/10 devices:

  • It has an aromatic intensity that gives an excellent and luxurious coffee aroma.
  • It is a wonderful combination of coffee and chocolate that gives you a feeling of happiness and enjoyment.
  • It is made from coffee beans and some spices that give a different flavor.
  • Made of dark brown coffee, it is made from the finest quality of coffee.
  • It is a delicious combination of sweet and bitter.
  • It gives you a different coffee taste that many people like.

How to use capsules compatible with (India) 10/10 devices:

  • They are capsules that can be used more than once and contain many types of coffee, and it is a distinctive mixture of roasted coffee that can be used in ready-made coffee machines. Medium and this means that the coffee beans mix together after roasting.

Method for preparing capsules compatible with (India) 10/10 devices:

  • Fill a basin or water tank: Take a cup of water and put it in the machine until the tank for the machine is filled, preferably the water is cold.
  • The type of capsule of its cover: It must be handled with care without the capsule causing any harm.
  • Place the capsule in the coffee machine: Open the capsule on the machine. You may need to press a button that opens, depending on the machine, and then gently place the capsule so that it slides off easily.


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