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First: Recorded data :

while creating the order and you are responsible for any delay that may occur due to registration

you acknowledge that you are entirely responsible for the correctness of the data being recorded

erroneous data .

You acknowledge that you know that we will use the shipping address registered by you to ship the order (city, address, mobile number). . )

Second: Payment and Confirmation of Payment :

in case the amount is not received and this

when selecting (prepayment), you acknowledge that you know that we may request a photo proving the transfer or payment < / span>

the image must contain our account number, the amount transferred, and the maturity date. .

when choosing to pay via bank transfer as soon as you transfer the amount, and that

you acknowledge that you know you must fill in Bank transfer form

is the only way to know you have converted. .

You acknowledge that you know that any additional amount that is transferred will be added automatically to your account balance on the site and you can request to transfer it To your bank account from

while communicating with us .

Third: Confirming the request, preparing, and amending it:

order confirmation will be made within Opening hours 9 morning through </ span> 7 evening and the confirmation will be in a letter to your mail. Email or to your number via SMS

textual condition